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1 In feb 1974
Individuals - Abraham (Yair) Stern. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Arabs of Israel, Palestinians. Security - Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security. States - Britain/England, Egypt, Jordan, USA. Coalition , Corruption , Democracy , Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, Fundamentals of Foreign Policy. Election System , Elections , Political Parties - Gahal, Likud, Mapai, Mapam. Government , Government-Army Relationship , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Jerusalem, Settlements. Education - Hadar (Civility). Jewish Nationality , Knesset , Opposition , Peace , Peace Agreements
A message from Begin to his Likud base after the 1973 elections, where there Likud gained a lot of ground on Labor. A fundamental shift in Israeli politics is taking place, and Likud is emerging as a true viable alternative to the Labor establishment. . In the settlements and the Arab sector the Likud is making some gains, but in the cities, which are what truly matters in elections, the Likud is making huge gains. And in the army the Likud received more votes than any other party despite an intimidation campaign waged to keep soldiers from voting for Likud. The government also lost ground to Likud despite its lies about being close to a peace deal that would allow Israel to keep the land it captured in 1967. Likud's support comes from the "believers and the poor." Likud's appeal comes from its commitment to the land of Eretz Israel, its commitment to security, and to dissatisfaction with Labor.
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