Herut’s Role in New Knesset

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
25 In jan 1966
Political Parties - Achdut Ha'avoda, Herut, Mapai, Mapam. Security - Arms Race, Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security, weapons of mass destruction. Bills , Commission of Inquiry , Constitution , Economy - Economic Reform. Education - Educational values. States - Egypt, France, Germany, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Election System , Human Rights - Emergency Procedures. Government , Government-Army Relationship , Jewish Heritage - Holocaust. Knesset , Individuals - Levi Eshkol. Opposition , Parliamentarism , Religion and State - Shabbat and Holidays. Social Reform
Begin speaks to the new Knesset focusing on his disappointments and lack of confidence in the new Government. Throughout the speech, he repeats that within the Government "'yes' is not 'yes'; 'no' is not 'no.'" He first discusses members' actions in finding a loophole around the law the fifth Knesset adopted. He also discusses the actions of the new Minister of Labour, who demands Sabbath Law. This Minister demands the Ashdod Port to be closed on Shabbat, but because this could damage the national economy, he will determine if the port needs to operate on Shabbat. Ultimately, he argues that national action needs to happen and shares the actions Herut wants to take.