Herut’s Campaign Against an Absurd Law

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
26 In jone 1962
Bills , Individuals - David Ben-Gurion, Pinchas Lavon. Government , Political Parties - Herut, Mapai. Knesset
Begin explains David Ben-Gurion's Coalition Disciple Law which is a "new sub-section in the Transition Law which would regard a member of the Government as having resigned if his party in the Knesset voted against a Government motion." Begin shares that a reason why the Herut Movement opposed this law is because it would make the Knesset responsible to the Government, instead of the reverse. Additionally, they argued that a Minister's resignation would depend on Ben-Gurion's mood. Begin shifts to discuss the important amendments Herut added to the law, and shares that parties who voted for the law no longer support it. Begin then argues that the reason for this law is to guarantee that Mapai will stay in power. He concludes that Mapai is fine with rights in theory, but not in practice.