Give Your Confidence To Those Who For 25 Years Have Shown The Nation The Right Way

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
30 In apr 1952
Democracy , Diaspora - Diaspora Jewry, Jewish Communities (abroad). Liberty of Men - Economic Freedom. Foreign Policy - Israel-Germany Relationship. Narrowing the Gaps , Individuals - Theodor Herzl, Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Begin sends a message to the Zionist Electorate of Southern Africa. Begin first reminisces about the success of Etzel while fighting for the liberation of the Homeland. To maintain this liberation, Begin argues that there must not only be Statecraft, but also good will. Then Begin states that this factor has been lost in the Homeland and the world. He then shares that Herzl and Jabotinsky taught that the Homeland belongs to all Jews, including Diaspora Jews. Additionally, Diaspora Jews can "draw from it courage, faith and pride." This leads him to say that it is the responsibility of Zionist South Africans to co-develop the Homeland. He shares directions the Homeland can go in, like a free or a totalitarian state. The point Begin makes is that Zionist South Africans need to support Herut, to prevent the continuation of the totalitarian direction the Homeland is going in.