Gahal’s Plan for Peace

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
15 In dec 1970
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Begin shares Gahal's plan for peace, with its main objective preserving the peace of the nation of Israel, not only for his generation, but also for future generations. The plan for peace must involve mutual recognition, direct negotiations, a historical truth that Jewish people have the eternal right to their homeland, and no partition of the land. Additionally, there must be no threat of aggression and an obligation to prevent existence of hostile organizations. Begin believes that Gahal's plan for peace has the combination of security and peace. Without this combination, there will be constant bloodshed and a threat to Israel's existence. He reflects on the increase of aliyah, which has made Jabotinsky's dream of having a Jewish majority in the region come true. He also discusses the cycle Jews have been in for all their history: Rising and falling. He concludes that Israel will stop the cycle at rising and therefore, Jews will no longer fall.