Dulles Shows Sharet the Way

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
12 In mar 1954
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Begin argues that the conflict will not be solved by allowing the return of 100,000 Arab refugees. This is because Arab nations would not want peace with Israel, even if there was not a refugee problem. He also shares that in the political world, the original number of Arab refugees was 868,350, and with the birthrate, the number increases by 25,000 each year. Therefore, allowing 100,000 refugees to return in the year 1954 would only be about 10% of total refugees. Since this is a small percentage, Begin argues that allowing the return of refugees will not be an exchange for peace. He believes that the United States would argue that the refugees should be allowed to return as a down-payment. Begin explains that it is misleading to use the word refugee and blames the Government for making such a mistake in calling them refugees. He closes stating that the Government "can call themselves peace-lovers. But they are not peace-seekers."