Don’t be in a Hurry Mr. Sisco

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
10 In aug 1971
Individuals - Anwar Sadat, Gunnar Jarring, William Rogers. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Arabs of Israel, Palestinians. Security - Army. States - Britain/England, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Ideologies - Communists. Government , Interim Agreements , Peace , Foreign Policy - UN
Begin opposes an idea raised at a luncheon attended by Americans and Israelis. The idea, raised by American diplomats, was that Russia's involvement had to do with the Israel-Arab conflict, and therefore, Israel was indirectly responsible for Russia's actions. Begin points out that Israel is actually preventing Russia from gaining control of the Suez Canal. He argues that just how the Vietnam War cannot end quickly, the opening of the Suez Canal also needs to be a slow process. Therefore, he asks for the United States to slow down the talks about opening the Suez Canal. Begin states that Sadat does not actually want peace and based on his two terms for pace, he actually wants to liquidate Israel. In his conclusion, he talks about violence happening between Arabs and makes the argument that if they are ruthlessly fighting each other, it does not make sense for Israel to trust them.