Don’t Spin Us a Yarn

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
18 In july 1972
Jewish Heritage - Anti-Semitism, causeless hate, Holocaust. States - Britain/England. Underground - British Mandate. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Fatah. Knesset
Begin speaks to the Knesset of Britain agreeing to Fatah opening an office in London. He first expresses that Fatah and its leader, Yassar Arafat, wants to exterminate Jews. To prove this, he quotes Arafat saying that he wants "disembowel[ment] of every Jew in Palestine" and "destruction of Israel." Then Begin focuses on criticizing Britain for their decision to welcome Fatah. He reminds Britain of multiple incidents when it actively did not save Jews during World War Two. He mentions his confidence for Israel to overcome Fatah, and reintegrates that he hopes Britain will not, once again, welcome those who want to exterminate Jews.