Do You No Longer Believe the Sun Will Shine Just Because it Sets?

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
28 In may 1954
States - Britain/England, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel. Security - War of Independence
Begin shares a message to all Jewish freedom fighters. He first speaks about his opponents where the term 'success' means power, money, and rule. He then shares that a successful uprising against a powerful regime depends on faith, purity, brothel love, and devotion. He shares that it is important not to give up, but rather "strive, believe, do, will!" He compares Israel's struggle for independence with other nations. Unlike these nations, Israel had way less—no land, no large quantity of arms, no allies, no base, no support from 'national institutions'—and still succeeded. Begin shares that England was not weak or destroyed in 1948. However, it was the Jewish fighters that "demolished the foundations of British prestige—the basis of its rule—throughout the world." Begin closes by reemphasizing that the Jewish fighters succeeded alone, without external help.