Days of Danger–and Hope

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
25 In aug 1950
States - Britain/England, Germany, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Foreign Policy - Cold War, Israel-Germany Relationship. Ideologies - Communists. Jewish Heritage - Holocaust. Political Parties - Mapam. Opposition
Begin shares his concern regarding how the Cold War could affect Israel. He first references to the Korean War and the U.S. involvement. He explains that if the Korean War became a world war, Jews would be fighting one another and Israel's existence would be at stake. Begin talks about the British involvement and relationship with the U.S. Since the U.S. may need British help in Korea, it might also be seen that the U.S. needs help in the Middle East. Begin shifts to talking about England's politics towards Israel, and mentions Germans and the Holocaust. England provides arms to the Arab resistance because they want the north of the Suez Canal. He then talks about mistakes the Government is making regarding this situation. In the last part, which is cut out, Begin shares his hope that just how the country was liberated from the British Mandate, he also hopes that soon the country will be liberated from Mapai's "oppression and exploitation."