Dangerous Decision

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
9 In jan 1962
Aliyah - Ingathering of Jews from Arab Lands. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Refugee Issue. Foreign Policy - UN. States - USA
Begin discusses the U.S. resolution presented to the UN regarding Arab refugees and how it was a mistake for Israel to vote in favor of it. Begin first shares some of the resolution and poses the question: Is the American resolution to Israel's advantage? In this resolution, the responsibly for solving the problem solely falls onto Israel. Another reason why it was faulty for Israel to vote for the resolution is because the Conciliation Commission is entitled to interpret the resolution. Then he shares Herut's argument that Israel should ask that the property abandoned by Jewish refugees from Arab lands be taken into consideration. Begin argues that there is a possibility of the UN infringing on Israel's sovereignty, which no other nation would allow. He concludes that unlike the Israel delegation's vote in the UN, the well majority of the Knesset voted that Arab refugees cannot be returned and that they must settle in the Arab States