Choice in Policy, No Fatalism

Newspaper: Jerusalem Post
posted on:
6 In oct 1974
Foreign Policy - American Jewry, Cold War, Diplomacy, Fundamentals of Foreign Policy, Israel-U.S. Relationship. Individuals - Anwar Sadat, Folke Bernadotte, Henry Kissinger. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Arabs of Israel, Fatah, Jewish Majority, Palestinians, PLO. Security - Arms Race, Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security, Six-Day War. Coalition , Ideologies - Communism, Communists, Right-Wing/Left-Wing. Democracy , Diaspora - Diaspora Jewry, Jewish Communities (abroad). States - Egypt, France, Jordan. Greater Land of Israel - Golan Heights, Greater Israel, Jerusalem, Settlements, Sinai Peninsula. Government , Aliyah - Ingathering of Jews from Arab Lands, Prisoners of Zion, Return to Zion. Interim Agreements , Jewish Nationality , Justice , Knesset , Political Parties - Likud, Mapai. Nationalism , Opposition , Peace , Peace Agreements
An op-ed Begin wrote from the Jerusalem Post. He says that Israel must stand fast in demanding a full peace treaty and not withdrawal from any territory without a peace treaty. Israel is becoming isolated internationally and the PLO, despite having goals similar to the Nazis and carrying out murderous attacks on civilian targets, is gaining international recognition. The government is weak and not standing up for Israel's rights. The Likud is in favor of a national unity government but the Alignment has sabotaged their efforts to form one by demanding that the Likud give up its principles first. He calls on mobilizing the American Jewish community and the pro-Israel community to lobby on behalf of Israel in America. There is a demographic problem, but if Jews come in large enough numbers from the Soviet Union it will cease to be an issue. Israel also must do more to save the Jews under threat in Syria. If Israel sticks up for its rights it will come through the current challenges.
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