Book on History of the Haganah: A Distortion of the Facts

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
2 In jan 1973
Security - Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Political Parties - Betar, Herut, Liberal Party, Mapam. Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, Haganah, illegal immigration. Individuals - David Raziel, Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol, Moshe Dayan, Shlomo Ben-Yosef, Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Democracy , Education - Educational values. Interim Agreements , Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. States - Jordan. Knesset , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Refugee Issue
Begin addresses the Golda Meir's decision to not publish, under the name of the Government and Army, chapters about Etzel in a second volume about the history of the Haganah. Begin explains that the volume distorts Etzel's activities and criticizes Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Begin shares his process of trying to prevent the second volume from being published. He speaks with Moshe Dayan, who then passed it onto the Cabinet. Begin also spoke with then Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol. Begin shifts to the current decision by current Prime Minister, Golda Meir, to have the volume published, but without the name of the Government or the Army. Although the distortion of the truth is still published, Begin expresses the importance of the Government's decision not to put its stamp of approval.