Beigin Outlines Policy In Interview with “New York Times” Correspondent

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
27 In aug 1948
Underground - Altalena, British Mandate, Etzel, Lechi. States - Britain/England. Democracy , Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, UN. Elections , Government , Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. Narrowing the Gaps , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Partition Plan. Aliyah - Return to Zion. Ideologies - Socialism. Education - Youth
In the interview, Begin discusses Etzel's perspective regarding the State's present situation and his policies to secure Israel's future. It is first mentioned that Etzel is transitioning from a military to a political organization. Etzel plans to use ballots, not bullets, to gain political power. Begin includes that Etzel members know that arms should only be used for external enemies, despite of the Altalena situation. He argues that Israel's existence is at stake with the current boundaries. Politically, Begin says that the Etzel will continue to insist the borders of Israel to be its historical boundaries. Etzel believes in reciprocity, and therefore, Britain is still an enemy of Israel. Additionally, Etzel wants to cooperate with nations that believe in Israel's freedom and sovereignty. Regarding national policy, Etzel is willing to work with the Stern Group and any group that cooperates with Etzel's "territorial and immigration aspirations."