Begin Tells Israel Exactly Where Herut Stands

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
29 In oct 1968
Ideologies - Communists. States - Egypt, Soviet Union (Russia). Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Political Parties - Gahal. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Settlements. Peace Agreements
Begin addresses the national council of the Herut Movement and focuses on the Labor Party's move of taking peace decisions that are contrary to the lines of policy accepted by both the Knesset and the Government of National Unity. Begin first speaks about the Russia-Egypt relationship. He argues that Israel's enemies will be defeated and that it is a duty for the nation to settle in land gained from the Six-Day War. Furthermore, the National Unity Government should be supporting this. He shifts to speak about the costs and benefits of Gahal both leaving and remaining in the Government of National Unity. He concludes that Herut stands for the Jewish people's right to Israel, and "there can be no division between a peace treaty and a condition for security."