Begin outlines economicand social program

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1 In jan 1900
Political Parties - Achdut Ha'avoda, Betar, Herut, Mapai. Foreign Policy - American Jewry. Attorney General , Bills , States - Britain/England, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Underground - British Mandate. Economy - Cartels, Competition, Economic Reform, Employer-Employee Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Free Market, Privatization. Ideologies - Communism, Communists, Liberalism, Right-Wing/Left-Wing, Socialism. Constitution , Liberty of Men - Economic Freedom. Elections , Executive-Judiciary Relationship , Executive-Legislature Relationship , Failure to Comply , Government , Diaspora - Jewish Communities (abroad). Justice , Knesset , Jewish Heritage - Linguistics. Narrowing the Gaps , Opposition , Human Rights - Police Brutality, Rights of the Accused. Religion and State - Reform. Separation of Powers , Social Reform , Supremacy of the Law , Supreme Court , The Five Mem's , Workers Committee , Individuals - Ze'ev Jabotinsky
A speech Begin gave in America during the mid-1950s. The essence is democracy is that the rulers change from time to time, and by questioning that principle the government is acting totalitarian. On the political front, if Herut came to power, it would form a constitution. A constitution is necessary to set limits on what the government can do and explicitly tell the citizens their rights and responsibilities. On the social plane Begin favors a free market approach with some government intervention to help narrow the gaps. Herut would work towards the famous '5 Mems.' On the economic lane, Begin focuses on the Histadrut, and how he would break up the monopoly of the Histadrut the way trusts are broken up in America in order to ensure the success of free enterprise and the flow of investment. He would not force the disbandment of any labor unions, as they are necessary to ensure that workers have a high enough standard of living to be consumers.