Begin on the Justice of Zionism

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1 In jan 1972
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A speech Begin gave in America in 1972. The world wants to forget, but Israel and the Jews will not forget how the Arab armies massed on Israel's borders with the declared intention of destroying the Jewish State. Thankfully Israel was wise enough to launch a preemptive strike and come out of the war with relatively few casualties and more territory. There are those who say Israel should give back virtually all of the land, but doing so would put Israel's population centers in the range of the rockets and artillery of the enemy. The PLO and similar organizations attempt to carry out a genocide of Jews, as evidenced by their attacks on civilians and by their own statements. But Jews should never be afraid any more. Israel spends nearly a third of its GNP on defense, and so needs the aid of American Jewry. With their help, Israel and world Jewry will be preserved for eternity.
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