Begin on future of Herut Party

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1 In jan 1953
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A speech by Begin to a Betar conference in South Africa in 1953. Begin is proud of the delegates to the conference for their allegiance and dedication. He says that Herut must not give up on the goal of a constitution for Israel, even if the idea is unpopular, because it is a necessity. Begin rejects the usage of the terms 'left' and 'right' as applied to political parties, as they were developed arbitrarily. He argues that Herut will defend the middle class from Mapai's attempts to destroy it. Herut must be a party for all Jews in Israel. Herut supports the supremacy of the law and the independence of the judiciary. Herut is against the concept of civil marriages because it would lead to two different societies in Israel. The road for Betar and Herut may be long and hard, but their members should remember that Jabotinsky did not live to see the creation of the State of Israel either. They may yet achieve their goals despite their hardships.