Begin Criticizes Unrealistic Peace Offer to Nasser

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4 In nov 1960
Individuals - David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir. Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, UN. States - Egypt, Jordan. Government , Knesset
A summation of a speech Begin gave at the Knesset about Nasser's intentions toward Israel and the government's reading of his intentions. The government is sending conflicting messages about Nasser, sometimes saying that he is an Egyptian Hitler and sometimes saying that he could be a possible peace partner. It is the duty of Foreign Minister Golda Meir to expose Nasser at the UN. At the UN Nasser demanded that Israel go back to the situation that existed before 1917, meaning the destruction of Israel and the removal or extermination for the vast majority of its Jews. Nasser then demanded that both Israel and Jordan be incorporated into a larger pan-Arab republic. Israel has a duty to tell its citizens the truth about the situation in the Middle East and how conditions are changing.
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