Begin Calls for Ben Gurion’s Resignation

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
18 In jan 1957
Individuals - David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan. States - Egypt, Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel. Political Parties - Herut. Foreign Policy - Israel-France Relationship, UN. Security - Self-Defense
Begin addresses the Herut Council about his disapproval of both the UN's viewpoint on the Siniai campaign the Government's response. He argues that Israel will commit suicide if it obeys UN's orders to retreat. Begin strongly believes that if Israel retreats, Egyptian soldiers will enter El Arish. When that happens, Begin calls for David Ben-Gurion to resign. Begin explains what happened after the Government panicked. He envisions what an ideal relationship would be with the U.S. and concludes by thanking France for its friendship.