Address By Prime Minister Menachem Begin to the Egyptian People

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11 In nov 1977
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A speech Begin addressed to the Egyptian people near the beginning of the peace process with Egypt. The two nations have been engaged in conflict since Egypt invaded Israel upon its declaration of independence. Egyptian attempts to destroy Israel were all in vain and unnecessary. Israel has and will continue to defend itself if attacked, but it does not want to fight at all. Egypt and Israel were allies in ancient times, and they can be again. President Sadat has offered to come to soeak in the Knesset so that no more Egyptian soldiers will be hurt, and Israel welcomes him with open arms. The Koran says that Israel belongs to the Jews. Both sides can find common ground in religion and other areas to live in peace.
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Citizens of Egypt, this is the first time that I address you directly, but it is not for the first time that I think and speak of you.  You are our neighbors and will always be.

For the last twenty nine years, a tragic, completely unnecessary conflict continues between your country and ours.  Since the time when the Government of King Farouk ordered the invasion of our land, Eretz Israel. In order to strangle our newly restored freedom and independence, four major wars took place between you and us.  Much blood was shed on both sides.  Many families were orphaned and bereaved, in Egypt and Israel.  In retrospect, we know that all those attempts to destroy the Jewish State were in vain, as all the sacrifices you were called upon to make-in life, in development, in economy, in social advancement-all these superfluous sacrifices were also in vain.  And may I tell you, our neighbours, that so it will be in the future.

You should know that we came to the Land of our forefathers, that it is we  who liberated the country from British rule, and we established our independence in our own Land, for all generations to come.

We wish you well.  In fact, there is no reason whatsoever for hostility between our peoples.  In ancient times, Egypt and Eretz Israel were allies: real friends and allies, against a common enemy from the North.  Yes, indeed, many changes have taken place since those days, but perhaps the intrinsic basis for friendship and mutual help remains unaltered.

We, the Israelis, stretch out our hands to you.  It is not, as you know, a weak hand.  If attacked, we shall always defend ourselves, as our forefathers, the Maccabbees did-and won the day.

But we do not want any clashes with you.  Let us say one to another, and let it be a silent oath by both peoples, of Egypt and Israel: No more wars, no more bloodshed, and no more threats.  Let us not only make peace, let us also start on the road to friendship, sincere and productive cooperation.  We can help each other.  We can make the lives of our nations better, easier, happier.

Your President said, two days ago, that he will be ready to come to Jerusalem, to our Parliament-the Knesset-in order to prevent one Egyptian soldier from being wounded.  It is a good statement.  I have already welcomed it, and it would be a pleasure to welcome and receive your President with the traditional hospitality you and we have inherited from our common father, Abraham.  And I, for my part, will, of course, be ready to come to your capital, Cairo, for the same purpose: No more wars-peace-a real peace, and forever.  It is in the Holy Koran, in Surah 5, that our right to this Land was stated and sanctified.  May I read to you this eternal Surah:

"Recall when Moses said to his people: Oh my people, remember the goodness of Allah towards you when he appointed prophets amongst you…Oh my people, enter the Holy Land which Allah hath written down as yours…"

It is in this spirit of our common belief in God, in Divine Providence, in right and in justice, in all the great human values which were handed down to you by the Prophet Mohammed and by our Prophets-Moses, Yeshayahu, Yermiyahu, Yehezkiel-it is in this human spirit that I say to you with all my heart: Shalom.

It means Sulh. (peace [GW])