A Salute–And A Pledge

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
28 In may 1954
Underground - British Mandate, Etzel, Gallows Martyrs. Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel, Jerusalem
Begin speaks at an Irgun Yahrzeit service, which took place at a cemetery in Safad. He first informs the fallen soldiers that Israel has gained independence from the British Mandate. Therefore, they have not fallen in vain. He shares that he is with other fighting brethren and recognizes that all of the fallen soldiers "fulfilled the command of LAMUT O LICHBOSH ET Ha-Har ('to die or to take the mountain')." Begin acknowledges that the conversation between the fallen soldiers is not bitter, but rather joyous. In his hope for Jerusalem being fully liberated, he concludes his tribute with the biblical passage that emphasizes the importance of Jerusalem.