A Mighty Public Has Answered the Call

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
5 In nov 1974
Individuals - Anwar Sadat, Yasser Arafat. States - Egypt. Security - Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Government , Greater Land of Israel - Greater Israel. Interim Agreements , Political Parties - Likud, Mapai, Mapam. Peace , Peace Agreements , peace process with Egypt
Begin begins with his opinion that it is unrealistic and unproductive to speak about general peace agreements, yet he also does not agree with the agreed upon interim agreements. Kissinger's interim agreement plan included one year of non-belligerency if Israel retreats 50 kilometers from the border with Egypt. He believes that this agreement is "territory in exchange for non-peace," and that when the year is over it will lead to a war that could potentially endanger civilian lives. He regards the Likud Petition as an opportunity for the public to share it's opinion. The main point of the petition is for Israel to keep the territories of Judea and Samaria in order to protect the future of the land of Israel.