A Friendly Warning to Mr. Dulles

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
2 In july 1954
Security - Army, Fundamentals of Israeli Security. Foreign Policy - Cold War, Diplomacy, Israel-U.S. Relationship. Ideologies - Communism. Underground - Etzel. Interim Agreements , States - Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Diaspora - The Jewish Agency
Begin compares and contrasts the America-Guatemala-Czech triangle to the Israel-Arab-American triangle. He first speaks about America's active defense against Guatemala's relationship with Czechoslovakia. When speaking about political asylum for a Guatemalan politician, he also shares that "Jewish opinion, both here and overseas, will not be able to remain indifferent if evil befalls [on] one of our people's best friends." Begin then speaks about the America-Guatemala-Czech and the Israel-Arab-American triangles in regards to weaponry, population differences, and possibility of attack. Begin speaks about communism verses capitalism. He shares that "Disraeli once said that nations are ruled either by force or by tradition." His final point focuses on America's role as a leader for the free world and that it is problematic for America to guide by force.