A Free People–Or a Police State

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
3 In mar 1950
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Begin speaks to the Knesset, expressing concern that the Government has not proceeded to formulate a constitution for Israel. He starts with an example to show that without a constitution, the Government can follow laws from the British Mandate. Then Begin explains that currently Israelis do not have privacy, and that their right to privacy will be secure only with a constitution. Additionally, Begin explains that, currently, one is discriminated against if that person is not aligned with Mapai's views. The mistrust the Government has for its citizens will lead Israel to become a police State. To prevent this, a constitution is necessary. Begin identifies that the people opposing a constitution, also were the people willing to give up part of Eretz Israel. Begin concludes with two options to move forward: the Government begins drafting a constitution, or the Government arranges a plebiscite.