A Call to Free Men Everywhere: The ‘New Nazis’ Must be Stopped Now

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
25 In sept 1962
Jewish Heritage - Anti-Semitism, Holocaust. Liberty of Men - Individual Liberty. International law , Security - Self-Defense. Foreign Policy - UN
In the Rosh Hashanah edition of The Jewish Herald, Begin argues that the world and Jews should take seriously the reemergence of Nazism happening throughout the world. Begin metaphorically relates the anti-Semitic attacks to a small spark in the woods that leads to a deadly disaster. He explains that the swastika vandalism should not be an internal problem for the specific countries; it should be an international concern. He shares some of the articles in the UN stance against genocide to show that the swastika vandalism needs international attention in order "to prevent the crime of genocide." Furthermore, he says that the perpetrators of such crimes need to be seriously punished. He speaks about the limit of freedom of speech in regards to falsely yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre. Similarly, it should be forbidden to yell "Burn them!" He concludes by calling upon all free people to unite and defend human dignity.