1998: There Will Be a Mighting Nation in This Land

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
7 In may 1973
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In honor of Israel's "silver jubilee" (25th) birthday, Begin speaks about his hopes for Israel in its next jubilee birthday, in 1998. By 1998, he hopes that majority of Jews will be in Israel, which will lead to one million people living in Jerusalem. Additionally, he believes that majority of Soviet Jews will make aliyah. Then Begin focuses on current concerns and first counter-argues the claim that it is unjust for Jews ruling over Arabs. He quotes Hussein to point out his desire to have all of Israel under his control. Also, he speaks about the secretary general from Histadrut's public suggestion for Israel to immediately leave Shechem, Jericho, and Hebron. Begin then says that Israel needs to liberate the rest of the land for the sake of Israel's security. Begin shifts to speak about another threat to Israel's security: Assimilation. He concludes quoting Ezekiel's vision of Jews inhabiting all of Israel.